Are there any contraindications or side effects when using SOLshine?
  • Anyone with a medical condition should check with their physician before using. Occasionally, a common side effect can be similar to drinking 'too much' coffee. If this occurs, reduce the amount of use time and/or simply increase the distance from the light source..
Does SOLshine mitigate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) similar to a SAD light?   
  • Yes, SOLshine will benefit SAD sufferers, however SOLshine is not limited to light therapy for SAD. SOLshine addresses the epidemic of Mal-illumination of which SAD is a sub-syndrome.
What is SOLshine's recommended use?
  • SOLshine is intended to be used all day (as desired). Use for specific light therapy sessions or as an environmental light all day long. SOLshine is especially beneficial first thing in the morning (close to wake-up) to synchronize your circadian rhythm with nature’s daily rhythm. 
Will SOLshine give me a tan?
  • No. SOLshine will not give you a tan.
Can I hurt my eyes by looking at SOLshine?
  • SOLshine will not damage your eyes by glancing at the light, but it is bright and it is not intended to look at the light to receive wellness benefits. SOLshine is intended to deliver a light 'shower' much like sunshine at noon.
Is SOLshine safe for children to use?
  • SOLshine is safe for children of all ages, and for seniors too.
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