Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the light that's emitted from SOlshine Photo Nutrition different than other full-spectrum lights (FSL)? 
  • Other FSL lights are not actually full-spectrum. They are visible spectrum only and do not include a broad band of essential near infrared light (NIR) or a trace of ultra violet light (UV).
  • So-called FSL that does not include invisible near infrared light (NIR) is harmful to one's biology, especially the eyes. (Retinal damage by commercial LED
Why are the SOL PhotoVites near infrared (NIR) LEDs faintly glowing red? 

The shorter near-infrared wavelengths, which are closer to visible light (700nm to 900nm), may appear as a faint red glow when looking directly at them.

Why are some of the LEDs not glowing in the SOL bioBulb? Are they not working?

All of the LEDs are working properly, however the brightness of the white light washes out the faint glow of the near infrared (NIR). Half of the 18 LEDs will appear to not be working, however they are emitting 5 different NIR wavelengths.

What is the therapeutic difference between SOL bioBulbs and SOL PhotoVites?

The therapeutic benefit is the same for both. However, the difference is associated with the amount of time required because SOL Photovites emit 14,840 lux while SOL bioBulbs emit 10,940 lux. 

Are there any contraindications or side effects when using SOLshine?

Anyone with a medical condition should check with their physician before using. Occasionally, a common side effect can be similar to drinking 'too much' coffee. If this occurs, reduce the amount of use time and/or simply increase the distance from the light source.

Can SOLshine be used for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?   

Yes, SOLshine will benefit SAD sufferers, however SOLshine is not limited to bright light therapy for SAD. SOLshine addresses the epidemic of Mal-illumination of which SAD is a sub-syndrome.

What is SOLshine's recommended use?


  • SOL PhotoVites is intended for morning nutritional light therapy and may be used throughout the day for a natural energy boost.
  1. Unique dual modes allows for a convenient timed sessions.
  2. Near infrared mode is especially beneficial at night to aid sleep.   
  3. SAD light therapy 

  • SOL bioBulb is used for nutritional light therapy as well as all-day natural lighting.
  1. Includes a convenient "clip-on" with cord & switch.
  2. May also be used in track & overhead cans for general lighting. 
  3. SAD light therapy 

  • SOL Telescope (includes a SOL bioBulb)
  1. Adjustable height & directional gooseneck floorlight is convenient for many applications. 
  2. Especially beneficial to counter computer radiation and blue light.
  3. SAD light therapy 
Will SOLshine give me a tan?

No. SOLshine will not give you a tan. 

Can I hurt my eyes by looking at SOLshine?

SOLshine will not damage your eyes by glancing at the light, but it is bright and it is not intended to look at the light to receive wellness benefits. SOLshine is intended to deliver a light 'shower' much like sunshine at noon.

Is SOLshine safe for children to use?

SOLshine is safe for children of all ages, and for seniors too.