Ignite Metabolism & Absorption

Do you invest in healthy foods & supplements to keep yourself as healthy as possible?

If so, it's important to understand that you're throwing away much of the investment if you don't have adequate exposure to "balanced" full-spectrum light.

“What most people don’t realize is that light entering by way of the eyes plays a crucial role in the process of metabolism, breaking down all of the nutrients we get from food, as well as vitamins and minerals, and making use of them."

"If we are not in an environment that has the full spectrum of light energy entering the eyes, then some of those vitamins and minerals won’t have the appropriate light energy traversing through the eyes to literally activate them to break down and be used by way of the body.”   — —Dr. Jacob Liberman

If you're spending $500 a month on food & supplements for yourself, and you're losing just 10% of the available nutrients because of malabsorption

...isn't that like throwing away $50 per month?

If you have regular exposure to sunshine, this is the optimal source of natural, "full spectrum" light. If not, you need regular exposure to the next best thing. 

SOLshine Photo Nutrition™ 

  • The "fullest" spectrum light available indoors
  • Includes a broad band of near infrared light (NIR) similar to sunshine
  • Includes a trace of ultra violet (UV)


Our lamps OPTIMIZE your body's use of the nutrients you consume through food and supplements.


 Here's what you should understand about light and nutrition:

  • The different wavelengths of natural light are akin to vitamins that are required for normal cell function, growth and development.
  • Exposure to natural light, especially morning light, is important to managing our circadian rhythm. If that just sounds like a fancy way of saying it helps you to sleep on time, there's so much more to it than that, including better quality of sleep, which is central to our healing processes. 
  • Exposure to light controls hormone release and therefore messaging throughout the body. Many experts consider circadian management as important as diet when it comes to staying healthy.
  • Exposure to light -- especially infrared light -- helps to structure water in the body, as shown by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington. This in turn helps water to act as a battery in the body, literally powering you. Normally we think of food as providing us with energy, but light plays a major role in this as well.

"One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure." 

— Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD

  • Structured water also appears to play a key role in making blood flow in the body -- also 100% necessary to providing us with both nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. 
  • The cells themselves use light (biophotons) in communication, as shown by Dr. Fritz Albert-Popp, International Institute of Biophysics. 
  • Enzymes speed up chemical actions in the body. The photomodulation of enzymes involves the activation and inactivation of enzyme reactions: Photomodulation of Enzymes  (PubMed)

    In short, light itself acts as a nutrient, stimulating activity in the body and it affects our metabolism of the other nutrients we consume.

    “We can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” — Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

     It is CRITICAL to get adequate exposure to the sun each day and if that's not possible, you need exposure to lights that mimic the sun as closely as possible.

    This is where SOLshine lamps excel...

    Unlike common full spectrum lamps that can adversly impact biology, we add both near infrared (NIR) and trace UVA to truly bring the sun to you. (UV exposure is just a fraction of what you'd get from the sun; it is safe, but so necessary to biological activity.)

    “LED light exposure that is not balanced with full (spectrum) sunlight loaded with the red parts of the spectrum is always damaging to your biology.” 

    — Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PHD

    If you're looking to get the most out of the food you eat and the supplements you take, it's time to make sure you're getting a complete Balanced 'Spectral' Diet  —SOLshine... the very best you can get.


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