— NUTRITIONAL LIGHT TECHNOLOGY — Recharge . Regulate . Regenerate

The Primary Source of Energy

"A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure. Without energy, life would be extinguished instantaneously, and the cellular fabric would collapse. The source of this energy is the sun’s radiation."

— Albert Szent-Györgyi, Chemist

Nobel Laureate

  • Radiant Vitality

Radiant Vitality

Vitality Augments Immunity

Vitality is the lively energetic force that animates and perpetuates living beings and organisms.

A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, investigated daylight exposure and its relation with vitality.

Persons who were exposed to more light experienced more vitality during daytime, even in everyday life.

Exposure to sunlight can strengthen immunity.

Georgetown University researchers found that sunlight energizes T-cells that play a central role in human immunity. The study shows sunlight activates key immune cells by increasing their movement.

  • Still Taking Your Vitamins in the Dark?

Still Taking Your Vitamins in the Dark?

Optimum Metabolism Enhanced Absorption

"We can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light."

— Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

International Institute of Biophysics

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Research has shown that ingested foods, vitamins & supplements require specific light wavelengths in order to be fully metabolized.

Without the correct wavelengths of light, absorption is incomplete and nutrients are partially wasted and less effective.

  • A Nutrition Paradigm Shift

A Nutrition Paradigm Shift

The Most Overlooked Nutrient

"We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind can help keep us well."   


 3,000,000+ copies sold

  • SOLshine Photo Nutrition™ —The Fullest-Spectrum— 'Balanced' Light Technology

SOLshine Photo Nutrition™ —The Fullest-Spectrum— 'Balanced' Light Technology

“LED light exposure that is not balanced with full (spectrum) sunlight loaded with the red parts of the spectrum is always damaging to your biology.”

Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD, Photobiology Expert

Essential near infrared light is missing in all common full-spectrum lights and light boxes.

Experience Uncommon Balanced Light

  • Light in your eyes regulates brain chemistry

    98% of the Sun's energy enters your body thru the eyes!

98% of the Sun's energy enters your body thru the eyes!


a science based PARADIGM SHIFT

"We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.” 


3,000,000+ copies sold

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LIGHT regulates your brain's chemistry and vital circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and much more.

LIGHT modulates the blood in your body as it flows through your eyes approximately every two hours.

LIGHT influences muscular movements, enzyme reactions, food digestion, fat burning and all other metabolic processes.

Enlighten Someone You Love!

Sunshine Outdoors - SOLshine Indoors

  • Not All Light is Created Equal

Not All Light is Created Equal

SOLshine Photo Nutrition™

 Science of Light (SOL) has developed the fullest-spectrum "nutritional" light source with a 98.1 CRI (color rendering index) in conjunction with critical, near infrared light akin to sunlight.

"One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure."

Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD,  Photobiology Expert


Patent pending SOLshine uses a violet chip to pump red, green and blue phosphors resulting in a "most complete" visible spectrum with a spectral power distribution close to sunlight.

SOLshine's balanced light spectrum includes 99 CRI/R9 red, a broad wavelength band of essential near infrared light (NIR) and a trace amount of ultraviolet light . . .   unlike any other light.


NIR and R9 red light helps reduce the risk of retinal-inflammation by priming the cells in the retina for "repair & regeneration."


NIR is critical to the production of ATP in the mitochondria. ATP is the fuel cells need for metabolism and all vital functions.

Near infrared light is missing in common full-spectrum lights.

SOLshine is uncommon light!

"Light is nothing short of miraculous. Light makes our world luminous, dazzles our senses and quietly controls the chemical tides in our bodies."

—George C. Brainard, Ph.D. 

The Healing Light: Interface of Physics and Biology

SOLshine... Light Activated Nutrition

Beginning as therapeutic light pioneers, Ott Light Systems (1987-1997) — Non-profit Science of Light has been on a mission since 2012 to raise awareness of mal-illumination and the essential need for a "balanced spectral diet" to reduce the risk of disease and enhance public health.

"Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food."

  —Dr. John Ott