— The Indoor Epidemic   

Mal-illumination is the term coined by photobiology pioneer, Dr. John Ott to describe this current  “indoor pandemic” that’s akin to malnutrition.


“Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food.”


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We now spend most of our days indoors unwittingly starving for essential natural light that our genes are programmed to respond to. 
Being stuck in “biological darkness” due to reduced time in appropriate natural light profoundly affects every body system.

Most of us do not spend enough time in “full-spectrum” sunlight that augments immunity and spend most of our time indoors under unhealthy “limited spectrum” light that adversely impacts immunity.

Sadly, good hygiene has overlooked the need for daily “light hygiene” required to nourish and regulate brain chemistry and circadian rhythms that control mood, appetite, energy, sleep, libido and so much more.

Ideally, everyone should properly regulate their daily exposure to natural sunlight, managing the time spent inside and outside to naturally enhance immunity and reduce the risk of disease.



SOLshine Photo Nutrition...

  • Helps prime retinal cells for repair & regeneration.
  • Aids the production of ATP in the mitochondria. ATP is the fuel cells need for all vital functions.
  • Essential for subcellular as well as circulatory melatonin production.
  • Helps synchronize circadian rhythms and is especially beneficial at night to prepare for sleep.
  • A must when using computers and other electronic screens to counter blue light.
  • May also be used as needed during the day for an energy boost much like a cup of coffee.

It’s so simple!