Blood PBM


Red Light Therapy (RLT), often referred to as "photobiomodulation" is clinically proven to restore aging skin, to smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines. Additionally, RLT has been beneficial to reduce recovery time from exercise as well as manage pain in many cases. 

PhotoBioModulation now has a unique "systemic" counterpart...  "Blood" Photobiomodulation.

Blood Photobiomodulation - Innovatively Delivered by SOLshine Nutritional Light Technology! 

Unlike most photobiomodulation procedures that address "localized" red light therapy which often requires goggles, SOLshine's Nutritional Light Therapy "showers the eyes" with light and provides "systemic" light therapy and simultaneously regulates brain chemistry and circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and more.

In other words, instead of addressing a "focused" or specific area of the body, Nutritional Light Therapy utilizes a two-mode protocol and bathes the face and eyes and causes a "systemic" effect because all of the blood in the body circulates through the eyes. Thus the blood cells are directly modulated causing a host of biological responses for a "whole body" benefit. 

NLT stimulates the body to heal itself & helps maintain the ideal internal body environment.