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  • Executive Director's Letter

"Mal-illumination is to Light as Malnutrition is to Food."

— Dr. John Ott
photobiology pioneer, time-lapse film innovator

Mal-illumination is a term coined by Dr. John Ott to describe an adverse health phenomenom that's akin to malnutrition. Since 1987 my personal mission has been to raise awareness of this indoor epidemic  . . .  mal-illumination. 

While working as a consultant for Walt Disney's Cinderella film, Dr. Ott found that he could not successfully grow a pumpkin for her pumpkin coach indoors under commonly used artificial lighting. He observed that all living organisms need the "full spectrum" of light provided by the sun in order to thrive.

Unfortunately, we now spend most of our days indoors unwittingly starving for essential natural light that our genes are programmed to respond to. Being stuck in “biological darkness” due to reduced time in natural light profoundly affects every body system. Most of us do not spend enough time in “full-spectrum” sunlight that augments immunity and spend most of our time indoors under unhealthy “limited spectrum” light that adversely impacts immunity.

  • Science of Light in Action

Since 2012, Science of Light's mission has been raising awareness of mal-illumination. I'm delighted to report that SOL's mandate to provide the technology to reduce the risk of mal-illumination has finally arrived.

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I want to thank our new and future customers for supporting our mission through their purchases of SOLshine Photo Nutrition. Our endurance has been tested, but our mission is imperative.

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Ken Ceder, Executive Director

Len Ceder, Director of Operations

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