Weight Loss

Morning Light Can Make you Thinner 

The Research 

 Northwestern University Researchers recruited 54 participants with an average age of 30 and, using wrist monitors, kept tabs on their light exposure, activity, and sleep patterns for seven days. They also followed participants' eating patterns via food logs..

The Findings

Even after controlling for all non-light exposure factors, the influence of morning light on weight was considerable—it accounted for roughly 20% of the subject’s BMIs, meaning those with earlier light exposure weighed less.

What it Means

Modifying your exposure to light in terms of timing, duration, and intensity could help keep your waistline in check.

The Bottom Line

People aren’t spending a lot of time in the essential bright morning light... the light that our DNA has been programmed to respond to. Light is clearly a strong 'weight management' signal to the body. To reap it’s benefits, the researchers suggest getting at least 20 to 30 minutes of morning light every day. Researchers believe the effect goes directly from the eye to the brain.

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