SAD (seasonal affective disorder)


Light Therapy Can Treat SAD   Unfortunately However... 

“LED light exposure that is not balanced with full (spectrum) sunlight loaded with the red parts of the spectrum is always damaging to your biology.”

— Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD Photobiology Expert 


 Retinal Damage risk from inferior, commercial SAD lights.

SAD therapy lamps; both "fluorescent & LED" are lacking sufficient R9 red and have NO near infrared (NIR) light. — Research confirms retinal damage is induced by NO NIR unbalanced commercial light!  



Nutritional Light Technology™ 

- Nutritional Light includes both visible & invisible light waves closest to natural sunlight.

- Nutritional Light provides a broad band of near infrared light and a trace of ultra violet (UV) for a "balanced spectral diet" that addresses SAD and so much more...

  • Helps prime retinal cells for repair & regeneration.
  • Aids the production of ATP (cellular fuel) in the mitochondria. 
  • Essential for subcellular as well as circulatory melatonin production.
  • Helps synchronize vital circadian rhythms and is especially beneficial at night to prepare for sleep.
  • A must when using computers & other electronic screens to counter blue light.
  • May also be used during the day for an energy boost much like a cup of coffee.

 "One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure."

             — Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD Photobiology Expert

How is SOL's Nutritional Light Different from Other Light Therapy Lamps?

Science of Light's directors were one of the earliest pioneers that designed and manufactured SAD lights (Ott Light Systems, 1987) and are now Nutritional Light Pioneers (SOL 2012).

  • Nutritional Light — powered by SOLshine Photo Nutrition
  • SOLshine technology builds on the pioneering research of the father of full spectrum light technology, Dr. John Ott.

SOLshine intrinsically improves the spectral quality and biological benefits by adding "98" CRI R9 red (color rendering index) and a broad band of essential near infrared light (NIR).

  • NIR and 670nm red light helps reduce the risk of retinal-inflammation by priming the cells in the retina for “repair & regeneration.”
  • NIR is critical to the production of ATP, the fuel cells need for metabolism and all vital functions.
  • CRI R9 red is a very important metric because many light sources will be lacking in red content, but this fact will be hidden due to the averaging out of CRI calculations which do not include R9.

Why Choose balanced “nutritional light” over common light therapy?

  • SOLshine helps regulate your brain chemistry and circadian rhythms that control mood, appetite, energy, sleep, and other body-mind functions.
  • SOLshine is akin to vitamins that are required for normal cell function, growth and development.
  • SOLshine provides photo-nutrients that “ignite” and support optimum metabolic functioning.


“We can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.”


Eye 'Safe' SAD Light Therapy & Beyond...


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