Body & Brain Benefits

SOL bioBulb™

—powered by— SOLshine Photo Nutrition

Helps regulate brain chemistry and circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and much more.

  • Science of Light has developed a one-of-a-kind, "immune-boosting" nutritional light source that includes both "visible & invisible" light waves akin to natural sunlight. 
  • SOL bioBulbs emits "a balanced spectral diet" that includes a trace of ultra violet (UV) and a broad band of near infrared light (NIR)... unlike any other light

"One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure."

— Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD
World Class Photobiology Expert

powered by— SOLshine Photo Nutrition™

Akin to vitamins that are required for normal cell function, growth and development.
  • Helps prime retinal cells for repair & regeneration.
  • Aids the production of ATP (cellular fuel) in the mitochondria. 
  • Essential for subcellular as well as circulatory melatonin production.
  • Helps synchronize vital circadian rhythms and is especially beneficial at night to prepare for sleep.
  • A must when using computers & other electronic screens to counter blue light.
  • May also be used during the day for an energy boost much like a cup of coffee

 — Reduce Your Risk — 

Mal-illumination & Metabolic Syndrome