SOLshine Photo Nutrition... light activated wellness

"We have finally learned that light is a nutrient much like food, and like food, the wrong kind can make us ill and the right kind can help keep us well."

— Dr. John Ott, HEALTH AND LIGHT / 3,000,000+ copies sold.

Science of Light is pleased to initiate a nutrition paradigm shift — Photo-Nutrition. Since 2012, Science of Light has been on a mission to impact public health by raising awareness of the silent epidemic of Mal-illumination and advocating the essential need for natural light to enhance health and reduce the risk of disease.

Mal-illumination is to Light as Malnutrition is to Food

As an early adopter, your pre-order purchase will provide you enhanced health benefits while supporting our non-profit's mandate to provide the necessary technology for the eradication of Mal-illumination

SOLshine Photo-Nutrition builds on the original technology of the father of full-spectrum light, Dr. John Ott, by intrinsically improving the spectral quality and biological benefits with red R9 / 99 CRI (color rendering index) and five different wavelengths of essential near infrared light (NIR).

  • NIR and red light reduces retinal-inflammation by priming the cells in the retina for "repair & regeneration."
  • NIR is critical to the production of ATP, the fuel cells need for metabolism and all vital functions.

"One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure."

— Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD, World Class Expert on Photobiology

NIR is missing in common full-spectrum lights… fullest-spectrum — SOLshine — uncommon light


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