Scholastic Performance

Studies show that poor or inappropriate lighting in schools can adversely affect children’s health and their ability to learn. —HEALTHY SCHOOLS NETWORK

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. John Ott, father of full-spectrum light technology, we are pleased to introduce a unique “learning & health tool” to add to the digital literacy tool kit..

More than thirty years ago, Dr. John Ott’s fascinating time-lapse photography Classroom Research demonstrated and confirmed that biologically beneficial, full-spectrum light enhances scholastic performance and student wellness.

Students Demonstrated:

·         Better Work Habits

·         Improved Academic Performance

·         Resistance to Fatigue

·         More Positive Attitudes

3 original (1970's) Ott time-lapse clips: Effects of Light on Children and Animals

SOLshine builds on Dr. Ott's original full-spectrum technology and intrinsically improves the biological benefits with the 'fullest' spectrum nutritional light.