Enlightened Anti-Aging

Until recently the declining performance of biological processes has been accepted as a natural part of aging. However, the evolving anti-aging medical model no longer considers the declines as inevitable.


Key Systems in the Body That Age 

1. Endocrine system, responsible for the hormonal response
2. Immune system, which mounts the body's response to infectious invaders
3. Metabolic system, involving age-related physiology changes
4. Cardiovascular system, involving the heart and arteries
5. Gastrointestinal system, affecting absorption of nutrients from food
6. Reproductive system, including menopause (in women) and andropause (in men)
7. Nervous system, responsible for the body's muscular response to stimuli
8. Brain function, including memory and cognition
9. Muscular system, involving strength and function
10. Sensory system, including the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing

Anti-aging medicine addresses aging as a treatable medical condition, aiming to reduce or eliminate the disabilities, diseases, and dysfunctions we've grown used to assuming are a part of aging.

To accomplish age regression goals, a diverse array of innovative medical therapeutics exist. These breakthrough biomedical technologies include:

  • Replacement joints
  • Artificial organs
  • Brain / neurological implant
  • Vision / hearing enhancement devices
  • Platelet rich plasma rejuvenation therapy
  • Multi growth factor augmentation
  • Sleep therapy
  • Blood plasmaphoresis
  • Genetic engineering
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Bone marrow banking
  • Stem cell therapies for age regression
  • Phototherapy aka Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation

Every morning starts a new day and each new day starts with — LIGHT.

Light is the voltage (photo-current) of the brain and "electrical" nervous system and regulates or augments ALL of the body's key systems.

  • Light is the #1 "natural" intervention for anti-aging and reduced risk of disease.
  • Light therapy is commonly referred to as photobiomodulation. 

Red Light Therapy


Most Anti-Agers know that Red Light Therapy (RLT), often referred to as "photobiomodulation" is clinically proven to restore aging skin, to smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines. From do-it-yourself LED face masks to in-office laser procedures, red light treatments are truly all-the-rage. 

Nutritional Light Therapy

(blood photobiomodulation)

Nutitional Light Therapy (NLT) provides "blood" photobiomodulation that regulates brain chemistry and synchronizes circadian rhythms that control...
  • Appetite
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Libido & so much more!

Unlike most photobiomodulation procedures that address "localized" red light therapy, Nutritional Light Therapy addresses "systemic" light therapy. In other words, instead of addressing a "focused" or specific area of the body like the face, NLT addresses the "entire" whole body system.

How is that possible you ask? 

 - 98% of sunlight energy enters your body thru your eyes.
 - All of your blood ciculates thru the eyes approximately every two hours.
 - Light is absorbed by the blood cells producing an amazing cascade of events.